A tailored plan.

Following a consultation to fully understand your needs, I'll discuss my services and be clear from the start about my fees. I understand that every client is different and, working with your family and professionals, I'll take time to create a tailored plan which works for you and your family. Fees are charged at an hourly rate and are dependent on the service required.

Once a plan has been formulated, written estimates can be provided so that families can be sure that their relative is getting value for money. As my services are tailored to the individual, you can pick from the menu of options that are required and the contract estimate is provided. The fees will be itemised and external costs such as estate agents be paid direct.

The initial consultation is free and without obligation until a customer decides what elements of the service are required. Extensive relocations may require a deposit.

Get in touch.

I understand that moving home in later life is not always easy, neither for those moving or for their families. I'll do everything I can to make that process easy and stress-free. Take the first step and call or email me at Moving House Planner for an initial chat.