Moving House Planner- information session at the Memory tree

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Memory Tree founders

Memory Tree founders

Jane Dunn of Moving House Planner attended Idle Memory Club gave a short information session on her relocation business. The session detailed the work done with clients who want to move into care homes, extra care or organise home care.  Jane has visited a lot of homes as she does consultancy work with care homes and home care helping them improve their Care Quality Commission rating. MHP also helps declutter and stage properties ready for resale or to access adaptations and support groups to stay put. Ms Dunn gives benefits advice on attendance allowance and appealing council tax exemptions. She was able to give the group some up to date information about NHS healthwatch which looks at the customers experience and aims to improve it.

Idle Memory Club meets on a fortnightly basis at idle Baptist Church for peer support for carers and activities for people with dementia.  The Memory club was set up by Dr Elizabeth Anderson in 2012 and is one of four memory clubs within the umbrella of The Memory Tree. It works to increase awareness and education about dementia and aims to provide support for carers and those who are living with dementia. More information can be obtained at


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