Moving House Planner – working at a Bradford care home to improve CQC status home to improve its

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This week completing a Mock Inspection project at a Bradford Care home . This project is to ensure that when the Care Quality Commission return then the assessment will be improved. slider_1_smaller

Many small care homes do not have a separate audit team and struggle with improving their rating. Much of the work I do to improve a CQC rating is about celebrating what homes do well. Many homes do lots of great things but are not good at “telling the story” and often meet the requirements of Key Lines of Enquiry but are not great at detailing this with examples. Homes need to get into the habit of being Inspection ready and the staff need to celebrate their achievements. Many homes have great family friendly policies but do not detail   this in their provider returns. I speak the language of carers and can promote the best of the service and work with the staff to make the necessary improvements. Book a Mock Inspection today

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