New drug to help Alzheimer’s patients

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lady_800x600  Those living with Alzheimer’s may soon be able to get an extra drug on the NHS to enable them to stay in their own homes, remember  their family and to look after their personal care. It is also said to make them less agitated and crucially not need residential care.

Guidelines by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) to be published in June , are predicted to say that people with Alzheimer’s can have the drug, memantine, as well as other treatments they are taking. This drug is not a cure but it can slow down deterioration and enable families to keep more of the person they know. and

Memantine works by protecting the brain cells from the damage caused by a chemical called glutamate which is released in excessive amounts in people with Alzheimer’s. Patients and families need to access this drug and be able to benefit and improve their quality of life.

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