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Multi agency experience means that I can work with retirement developers, estate agents, removal companies, solicitors, social workers and solicitors. With experience of managing a retirement village, I can detail the advantages and disadvantages of living in a leasehold property and explain complex service charges. Using Moving House Planner to assist in the move can ensure the sale completes and the customer's transition to more communal living is seamless.

I offer a comprehensive service for solicitors dealing with probate work to clear and stage the property and make it ready for sale. I aim to take the stress out of moving by sourcing reputable estate agents and coordinating the whole move from accompanied viewings to ensuring pets are adequately cared for during the process.

I'm experienced at dealing with social workers and can also source appropriate care packages or care homes, whilst at all times respecting the customer's dignity and putting their wellbeing at the heart of any decisions. I also offer a housing options service to hospitals to organise a new home where the client cannot return home because of changing health needs.

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I understand that moving home in later life is not always easy, neither for those moving or for their families. I'll do everything I can to make that process easy and stress-free. Take the first step and call or email me at Moving House Planner for an initial chat.